After an adventurous and active day, it is best to treat your body to some relaxation. Take some time out, wrap yourself in a cuddly sauna towel and start your sweating session in our sauna with chromotherapy.

  • The colour of blue has a soothing effect. Blue is commonly used for treating back pain, ailments of the throat, feverish infections and migraines.
  • The colour of red has reviving and stimulating effects. It is used for boosting vitality and activating the metabolism. Red strengthens the will and is stimulating.
  • The colour of yellow represents creativity and fast thinking. It reminds of the sun and the light.
  • The colour of green has balancing effects on the kidneys and the heart and regenerates. It does not strain the eyes and is perfect for regaining strength.
  • The colour of orange has positive effects on depression, pessimism and lethargy.

Each apartment among themselves! Each couple or family resp. can use our sauna on their own!

Each sauna session provides for a fresh complexion and a pleasurable feeling on your skin. It boosts your circulation and gives you a feeling of well-being. The soothing warmth has cleansing effects and offers a welcome change to the outdoor temperatures, especially in the winter time. Afterwards you can relax in our homey relax room. 

Adlerhof Apartments
Walser Family
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